What are some of the biggest challenges when recruiting a remote working team?
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There should be no geographical boundary when hiring talent. We know this truth about recruitment, and we can apply this concept when we think of hiring a remote team. What are some of the biggest challenges when recruiting a remote working team?

The recent pandemic has forced us to adapt to remote work life. Lots of companies have asked their employees to work at home. However, do these companies feel confident in hiring new employees remotely?

You know that it is slightly tricky to manage your remote team. Similarly, you may face some challenges while engaging in new remote working candidates.

Filtering Out Millions of Resumes

When your job ad goes live, you start getting several applications from candidates all over the world. You can find applicants of different qualification levels. It is time-consuming to sift through resumes and cover letters of those candidates. Although there are automated resume readers, they do not work effectively. One of the best solutions is to mention that you need candidates from a particular city. However, this creates limitations with resources, leading to one of the challenges with finding the right talent.

Remote Interviewing

Interviewing is a nerve-wracking process not only for candidates but also for hiring managers. Although you may need candidates with technical skills, you have to judge their communication ability and emotional intelligence. Some companies do not find it easy to assess these traits remotely. Most interviewers like to focus more on the candidates’ interactions than on their answers.

There are ways of ensuring proactive communication in the digital world. However, emotional intelligence testing is a challenge to lots of hiring managers.

Digging Into the Details

Your recruiters might have been successful in analyzing the personalities and characters of candidates. But, there are some other logistical needs to be assessed to hire employees remotely.

A few of these things are-

  • A quiet space that creates a favorable work environment
  • A reliable and robust internet connection
  • Tools for remote communication


Not all candidates will say yes to these things, although they have a desire to work remotely.

Nowadays, the best remote-first organizations provide internet allowances and special tools to their employees. They also give a chance to work from some co-working space.

The most important thing is not to avoid your responsibility to employees while adopting the remote working model. You have to engage yourself, especially at the time of onboarding your employees. 

Time Zone Differences

You may have thought of hiring candidates from a different country. What are some of the biggest challenges when recruiting a remote working team?Differences in time zones will result in problems when you arrange the interview process. It is complicated and inconvenient to schedule interviews for candidates in different time zones. You need to send emails several times to set up your interview session. It is better to rely on automatic scheduling software to solve this problem.

Now, we can conclude that remote hiring trends have some challenges. But, with a little effort, you can find a way of overcoming them. Find the best candidate to work for your company remotely.

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