Your Complete Virtual Office

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1 Complete Virtual Board

Manage Your Team’s Bottom Line

Work With Flexibility, Fluidity and Freedom

software for remote work

A Complete System for Virtual Work

You no longer have to go into a virtual space and define what you need by function. Currently, virtual teams work with several applications for communication, team management. task development and hiring boards when it comes to software for remote work. 

UnaWork is changing the pace of virtual work with our complete system for virtual management. Our integrated, all in one solution is built for executives and managers, using a multi-tiered approach and state-of-the-art technologies to help you with hiring and managing work.

Your Team Never Left the Office

Our task management, meeting boards and other features allow teams to work online, just like they would in the office. 

UnaWork is the most comprehensive, sophisticated work board currently available. Unlike other processes, we are redefining how you work and offering more functionality to make sure you are able to get results with our software for remote work.

Not only do we provide upgraded features for office work, but now you have options o hire with fluidity, flexibility and with creating the future of work.

This is the Future Of Work

software for remote work

What do you need to know about your business? It is all in one, consolidated place, allowing you to integrate everything you need.

UnaWork was built for the busy executive, allowing you to have more fluidity and availability to look at everything you need to know for your business with our software for remote work.

With our system, you can manage your bottom line while taking the reigns with your business needs.