About Us

We believe that the work space should offer more to employees and employers. 


We are on a mission to provide freedom and flexibility to everyone who is looking at technology for a new work space.

Integrating state-of-the-art practices with technology allows everyone working virtually to have more opportunities to work comfortably while growing business rapidly with the remote work companies.


Get out of the office. Get into your complete virtual office. 

remote work companies

UnaHub to UnaWork

Our parent company, UnaHub, offers an interlinking system with state-of-the-art technology. UnaWork serves as the “sister hub”, combining management systems with online technologies for better functionality. 


All UnaWork applications have the capacity to connect to UnaHub, allowing users to combine eCommerce solutions and information based data to our central hub. 


We are on a mission to provide an integrated, easy-to-use application to assist businesses with complete growth.


  • The world's first internetwork
  • Combines social - commerce - info
  • Offers an interdependent technology model
  • Uses both blockchain and centralisation
  • Offers more consumer power through navigation


  • Connect through your HubShop
  • Advertise for FREE on your chosen hub
  • Maintain your supply chain with UnaWork
  • Interlink Information for transparency


  • Stops fragmentation
  • Combines blockchain, AI and quantum applications
  • Interlinks to hubs
  • Offers a navigational system

About the Team

Brooke Hart

Co-Founder, CSO

Brooke Hart began working remotely over 15 years ago as one of the early adaptors of virtual work with remote work companies. She has managed teams of up to 50 individuals remotely and across the globe while creating several online businesses that function without an office.

Babaji Maharaj

Founder, CEO

Babaji Maharaj has over 30 years of experience in start-ups and as a global consultant. He was co-founder of a multi-billion dollar security startup. He is dedicated in supporting government, corporations, and businesses to optimise their growth potential. 

Gaby Williams

Technical Lead

Gaby offers technical maintenance and support to the UnaWork hub and remote work companies. She is a leader in state-of-the-art technologies and provides deeper insights from her experience as a leader in SaaS, eCommerce and Ai platforms.