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The year 2020 was stuck with many unprecedented obstacles, including the COVID-19 pandemic that changed the way we do business forever. Hundreds of millions of employees transitioned from the traditional working environment to work-at-home or different remote work locations, and many employers discovered remote works’ many benefits. Some of these included greater employee productivity and performance, as well as improved health and emotional well-being.

This startling discovery took the world by storm, and now, remote work has become a common practice. Every day, more and more businesses leave behind the traditional working style to adopt something that is better suited for modern times.

Here are five simple reasons why remote work is changing the world:   

1. Lessens Pollution Created by Commuting

There wasn’t a demand for remote work into the 1970s when people became more aware of how their consumption affected the environment. Driving your car to and from work, every day, every year, for the rest of your life, creates quite a large environmental footprint. Now multiply that with the millions upon millions of people in the workforce. This is terrible for our environment and contributes highly to the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. However, if you work from home, you lessen that gas usage by a surprising amount. This saves you money and saves our planet! It also allows you to re-look remote work locations that don’t have the same environmental impact.

2. Creates Jobs In Remote Areas

One of best benefits of the rise in remote work is all of the jobs that it creates. Remote work allows companies to branch out to areas that are not in the center of technological hubs (aka companies reach out to people “in the middle of nowhere”), providing jobs to professionals who wouldn’t have had those opportunities otherwise. This is an excellent benefit to the economy and well-being of remote workers, specifically by changing work with remote work locations.

3. Remote Work Hubs Supports Local Businesses

Thanks to the growing popularity of remote work, there have been many innovative ideas on how companies can take care of their remote workers. One of these fabulous ideas is Remote Work Hubs, which are company-provided housing/working units where remote workers can live, socialize, work, and enjoy. They can be in an apartment complex, a campus building, or even a single-home dwelling community. Businesses tend to move these remote work hubs into remote work locations and chose real estate locations that aren’t highly valued. Remote work hubs also push employees to leave the company premises and spend money on local amenities, which funnels money into the local economy.  

4. Providing Careers for Diverse Professionals

In a traditional work environment, employees might not be that diverse, limiting the success of the project. Remote work allows businesses to pull from all over the world, diversifying the team and bringing in different perspectives. Team members collaborate despite their differing backgrounds, and their difference is precisely what gives the project life. Getting a unique perspective only improves the quality of the project outcome. 

5. Remote Is the Future

Remote work is continuing to change the way we work. Individuals are able to change their lifestyle with different remote work locations. They are also able to experience the freedom and flexibility of work, allowing better productivity and balance of work – life. 

With the changes to remote work, there are more opportunities to alter careers and the way we work to something that offers innovation and opportunity to the global communities. 

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