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Remote work has experienced accelerated progress as workers and organizations have realized the advantages of a distributed workforce. In the work culture, this is one of the most vital shifts that we have ever experienced. 

A whopping 74% of respondents say that flexible work is good for organizations and workers. In this type of working framework, the worker has the choice of time setting, schedules, and their work environment. This is a new factor that is important for job seekers when evaluating new career opportunities. 

Statistics and Remote Work Trends

As per a special analysis by Global Workplace and Flexjobs, there is a major upward trend in the quantity of the people working remotely in the US. In the span of 12 months, there is a growth of about 7.9% as a part of the remote work trends. Over the past five years, it has increased by 44%, and if we check the statistics of the previous ten years, it has grown by 91%. 

With the progress of digital technology, the trend of remote working has become easier for the majority. It has also decreased unemployment in developed countries.

Remote work trends are common in areas with high-income levels. These positions tend to work with the understanding that knowledge offers higher payments. Careers such as accounting, software engineering, marketing, and commerce are common for virtual work. 

Productivity of Remote Workers

According to statistics, flexible timing and good salaries have led to many who prefer to utilize their talent online.

A trend which is beginning to grow is with changes in certification and education. Many who are not interested in accumulating expenses as a student are turning to virtual work as a way to build a career and make money.

Another benefit relating to productivity is that the majority of people can work at their pace. This factor makes them more productive as compared to work in the office.

There is less stress, interruptions and distractions because there is no need to commute, a quiet environment, and minimal office politics for remote workers. The ability to work at the best times also adds to higher productivity levels. All these factors  increase their productivity and concentration for work.

Similarly, the flexible work arrangement increases productivity of workers by 50%. 

The 2020 Pandemic and Going Virtual

2020 saw an increase of 70%  in the remote work trend because of COVID-19. Most organizations ordered their employees to work remotely at home and manage their work. In this way, the demand for Virtual assistants, accountants, remote workers, digital marketers and many other workers has increased dynamically. 

Those who are away from the office and working are also considering not returning, specifically because of the higher levels of productivity and work for those that are working virtually. 

The remote work trend shows that this is the future of the modern industry. In the present lockdown, firms and employees get more benefits from working remotely. Moreover, those who are unemployed can get a job online and use their expertise to earn. It is expected that the many benefits of. remote work will lead to an increase in working virtually.

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