The recent COVID-19 outbreak caused drastic effects to businesses requiring employees to work from home. Soon after, employees worldwide quickly adapted to the changes and became more efficient and productive. As a result, companies realized that remote work is worth the effort, even if it’s remote work part time.

But what do the researchers say about remote work? There’s a positive impact in terms of performance, productivity, retention, profitability, and engagement.

So, are you planning to switch for a remote job, or currently working remotely? Then you must know these benefits of virtual work.

1. Freedom In Your Workspace

 Unlike working at the office, you can work freely in your own space when you work remotely. You can set up a home office or work from wherever you wish, from home or even a coffee shop!  Sometimes, I even work at the beach. Employees are given flexibility and freedom as long as the assigned work is taken care of. And, yes, employees enjoy the freedom to the fullest, even if it means remote work part time. As a result, it builds the trust of employees with employers.

2. Work-Life Balance

Many employees working at offices face difficulties in maintaining work-life balance because most of the time is spent at the office. But working remotely has provided the means to plan your schedule so you can balance the tasks at home and work efficiently. Remote work reduces the time spent on traveling, reduces stress, and what’s more, is you get to spend more time with your family while getting your office work done!

3. Cost Savings

Going to work at an office requires you to spend on transportation, fuel, parking, formal attire, lunches, and more. Let us not forget the costs of childcare expenses as well. But with remote work, even if it is remote work part time, you can save all your additional expenses spent when you work at the office. Not only for employees, but employers can also reduce the costs for office space, utilities, and equipment. Thus, many employees and employers are turning to remote working as a long-term solution.

4. Increased Productivity

The myth that remote work produces lazy professionals turns out to be false. Yes, that’s exactly what you read. In fact, there are fewer distractions, a peaceful atmosphere, and a sense of freedom when you work in your own space. This way, you can focus more on the actual work at your own pace. Employees take more breaks, but at the end of the day, the assigned tasks are completed too. Employees enjoy remote work increasing productivity!

5. Healthy and Happy Life

Traveling to work itself is stressful to start with. Spending the entire day at the office for 5 days of the week is not the best choice for most employees. But when you work remotely, even if it is remote work part time, it lets you have more time for hobbies, interests, and physical fitness. You can even finish the tasks for the day and go by as you wish! Remote workers are happier, healthier, and loyal to the organization as well.

Considering the benefits from cost saving to flexibility to increased performance and productivity, it is known that remote work is not only beneficial for the employees but also for employers. Therefore, let us reap the benefits of virtual work for a happy and healthier life.


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