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Whether you are expanding your business or looking at tapping into the virtual world, there are specific channels you can use to find remote work opportunities. Understanding where to look and what to do will assist you with getting the results you want. 

How Do I Begin to Work Remotely?

Before you start to look for opportunities, make sure you are ready to highlight your skillset. A common mistake is many will begin to look for remote work opportunities without the virtual grounding. 

Before you start to work remotely, consider the following:

  1. What skillsets are you highlighting? 
  2. How do you showcase your skillsets? 
  3. Do you have an online resume or portfolio that you can share?
  4. Go personal – have a video or other applications to assist with showcasing who you are

Your initial presentation to a company or opportunity is different than sending a resume and following up by a phone call or walking into the door. It’s essential to showcase and personalize everything that you offer.

Getting Your Foot In the Door

An advantage of working online is that the opportunities expand beyond traditional approaches. Instead of a job application with part-time, full-time remote work, it’s possible to expand and change exactly how you work. 

Look at different ways you can work online. Temp work, freelancing, connecting to agencies, and even building your own business are all possibilities when you begin to look for remote work opportunities. 

Identify how you want to network and what the possibilities are first. This will open different doors and provide you with expanded ways of working online. 

Finding the Right Channels

The skill set as well as the approach you decide to take for remote work will guide you to the correct channels for work. 

Job Boards: There are several job boards which specialise specifically in remote work and provide more opportunities to those that are looking at working online. Workew,, etc are some of the many places that focus only on remote work and how you can find more for your skillset. 

On Demand Boards: If you work freelance or by contract, it is possible to use several on demand job boards Upwork and Fiverr are well known; however, they are often competitive with lower rates. You can look for super temp boards, dependent on your skill set to highlight your best approaches and get more work. 

Networking to Lead Generation: Networking on social media, identifying specific groups that are looking for support, and pitching online all assist with finding the right opportunities. If you don’t want to focus on a cold market, it’s also possible to look closer at lead generation tools. You can focus on your skillset and find others that are interested in finding someone who has your skill set. 

If you want to get into different types of work, RFPs, government websites, and searching for independent sites can all assist you in finding the right solutions for remote work opportunities. 

Building a Habit of Opportunity

Because you are working virtually, it is essential to maintain a specific pace and to continue to look for opportunities. 

More than physical work, following up with potential leads at least 2 -3 times is essential. Make sure you stay in front of the areas where you have the most interest. 

You also want to continue to stay on the pulse of remote work opportunities. As the demand for virtual work continues to grow, so do the approaches to get remote work and to niche to the specific area you are interested in. 

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